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APF Colony Health Management

Our Facilities

The Australian Phenomics Facility colonies are all housed in Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) conditions within the Hugh Ennor Building. There are numerous hierarchies but all animals are housed in Individually Ventilated Cages.

Access and Barriers

All animals imported to our facilities must be approved by the Head of Animal Services before importation and meet strict health requirements. With no direct importation to our top hierarchy all strains to be housed here will be rederived into the area. Hierarchies are managed by separation of equipment and staff work from the cleanest hierarchy down. All colonies are maintained in IVC caging and handling performed in change stations or appropriate hoods.

  • Level 3 Hugh Ennor Building houses our breeding and production colony and has restricted access to staff only.
  • Level 2 Hugh Ennor Building comprises of our experimental colony and access is permitted to staff and researchers.
  • Satellite facilities are maintained on a lower hierarchy and can be accessed by relevant researchers and staff only.

Facility Health Screening

The APF maintains the integrity of our facility by submitting regular samples for microbiological screening throughout the year. This obtains meaningful results of our animal population and allows accurate reporting of our facilities health status and enables the early detection of disease.

  • Samples from our Level 2 Mouse and Rat colonies are collected at random to test for Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi and Parasites.
  • Our level 3 colony in addition to the random sample screens also has a supplementary faecal PCR screening program for high risk pathogens including Parvovirus, Minute Virus of Mice, Rotavirus, Norovirus and Mouse Hepatitis Virus.
  • Additionally for all our mouse colonies we have recently introduced a sentinel screening program.

All health screen results from 1st January 2016 to present (as of 23 May 2018)

If you require any further information about health monitoring of animals please contact our Head of Animal Services.

Dr Suzanne Fowler BSc BVMS

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