Mouse strain cryopreservation advisory

This advisory is written for those who would like to understand the processes of mouse strain cryopreservation, why it is important and how to take advantage of the services offered. The most efficient method to protect mouse strains is by cryopreservation of gametes or embryos. Cryopreservation, and especially re-animation from frozen material, is not a trivial exercise, nor is the establishment of a cryopreservation and IVF laboratory cheap. There are numerous laboratories around the world that offer these services. Australia is well serviced by several laboratories working under the umbrella of the Australia Phenome Bank. Researchers should take advantage of the services offered and ensure their strains are archived safely and as soon as mice of the correct genotype are available.

Mouse strain cryopreservation advisory document download (PDF, 749KB)

Some of the questions considered included:

  • Why should murine strains be cryopreserved?
  • When should strains be cryopreserved?
  • Should sperm or embryos be cryopreserved?
  • What are the optimal storage conditions?
  • How are frozen stocks re-animated?
  • How long does it take to get a strain back from the frozen archive?
  • The availability of databases and repositories.
  • What advances in technique have been made?



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