GlaxoSmithKline Award for Research Excellence

Wednesday 12 September 2012

A Prestigious Prize to test a controversial theory of Autoimmunity.

Professor Chris Goodnow the APF’s Chief Scientific Officer has been awarded the prestigious GlaxoSmithKline Award for Research Excellence for his pioneering work into autoimmune disease.

Professor Goodnow has been awarded $80,000 to support his world leading research into causes of autoimmune disease. The award will allow Professor Goodnow to test his controversial theory that autoimmune disorders are a form of benign cancer.

“We’ve based our hypothesis on lots of circumstantial evidence, and now a path has opened that will allow us to see whether the genetic mutations that have recently been found to cause lymphoma also hasten the development of autoimmune disease. If we find this, it could open up opportunities for treatments for autoimmune diseases, which may include using the new drugs developed for treating lymphoma cancers.”

Professor Goodnow was honored to receive the award and to be recognised for his work. He spoke about how his research is at a very exciting stage and that the award will not only allow him to test his controversial theory but also enable his research team to utilise new technology known as Massively Parallel sequencing to test his hypothesis.

The award was presented to Professor Goodnow by GSK Australian Medical Director Dr Andrew Yeates who acknowledged the significant contributions Professor Goodnow’s research has made to advancements of health and medical research in Australia. He will now join a list of winners that include many of the country’s most respected scientists.

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